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Primor 15070 M Straw Blower

SPV Self Propelled Mixer Wagons

Kuhn – KNOW HOW – Your Bedding & Feeding Specialist

KUHN: Primor 2060 Straw Blower & Feeder

KUHN Primor 3570 Straw Blower & Silage Feeder

KUHN Primor 4270 M Straw Blower & Silage Feeder

KUHN: Primor 5570 Straw Blower & Feeder

KUHN: Profile 70 series of Mixer Wagons

KUHN: Profile 80 series of Mixer Wagons

KUHN Euromix II 1460 TMR Mixer Wagon

KUHN: SPV Self-propelled Mixer Wagon

KUHN: Altor 5070M Feeder & Straw Blower

KUHN Group 2015

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