KUHN BP280 Shredders

Now in stock the BP 100 series of multi purpose shredders.

  1. BP240 with a working width of 2.40m, transport width of 2.70m
  2. BP280 with a working width of 2.80m, transport width of 3.00m
  3. BP305 with a working width of 3.05m, transport width of 3.35m

Main features:

  • Hydraulically offset by double sliding tube system
  • Adjustable rear hood – fully opened for dense vegetation or closed for lighter and maximum mulching.
  • Gearbox for tractors up to 175 hp with 3 belts on BP240 and 5 belts on BP280 / 305.
  • Rotor with 8 rows and helical layout of flails for increased residue suction and perfect distribution.
  • In stock models fitted with universal knives (as in photos) option of hammer knives.

Give us a call on 028 2588 0297 for further details.

Also click the video below to see the BP100 series shredders in action.