NEW model Front Mower Conditioner from KUHN – the FC 3125 DF-FF

For the 2016 season KUHN Farm Machinery have introduced a new front-mounted disc mower conditioner – the FC 3125DF-FF. With a 3.10 m working width, this new machine, which features improved terrain following capabilities and variable conditioning speeds, is ideal for use as part of a high power, high output, triple-gang setup.

The new FC 3125DF-FF uses a re-designed twin-linkage headstock attachment and shark fin inspired-design which houses an innovative suspension set-up. The new design and linkage system improves operator visibility and enables the mower to oscillate at angles of up to 30 degrees. This improved ground contouring capability prevents sward contamination and preserves the quality of the remaining grass sward.

The mower’s suspension is controlled by KUHN’s LIFT-CONTROL hydro-pneumatic ground pressure system which minimises crop damage and reduces wear and tear of the cutter bar by allowing the mowing unit to move vertically by up to 0.70 m. Two large pivoting connecting rods provide additional structural strength and stability.

The conditioning unit is fitted with KUHN’s DIGIDRY pivoting steel fingers which adapt easily to different types of forage. Conditioning intensity is controlled by a single gear lever which selects one of two speeds: 1000 min-1 for most forage grasses or 755 min-1 for more delicate crops.

The FC 3125DF-FF uses KUHN’s reliable OPTIDISC cutter bar and PROTECTADRIVE safety system and is fitted with FAST-FIT knives.

When used in combination with a rear mounted twin mower conditioner – either the FC 8830 D or FC 9530 D – a total working width of 9.1 to 9.5 metres is possible.

FC 3125DF-FF: Front-mounted mower conditioner specifications:
Working width 3.10 metres
Transport width 2.99 metres
Number of discs 7 (treated steel)
Knife attachment KUHN FAST-FIT
Conditioner Pivoting steel fingers.
Conditioning plate.
5 lever-adjustable positions
Conditioning rotor speed 755 or 1,000 rpm
Swath width 1.20 – 2.00 metres
Minimum power requirement Approx. 68 hp
Weight 1,320 kg

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See the new FC 3125DF-FF in action along with the new triple-gang FC 9530D-FF.