NEW Axis .2 series of Fertiliser Spreaders

New generation fertiliser spreader from KUHN
KUHN Farm Machinery has launched the second generation of its popular Axis fertiliser spreader range.The Axis .2 series of fertiliser spreaders sees several improvements being made to KUHN’s popular range of twin-disc mounted spreaders. Key improvements include increased hopper capacities and a redesigned chassis which offers up-rated payload capabilities. A new LED rear lighting system is also included.The new range includes four models:Axis 20.2§ 28 to 36 metre working width
§ 1,000 to 2,300 litre hopper capacity
§ increased payload: up from 2,100 kg to 2,300 kg
Axis 30.2 and 40.2

§ 12 to 42 metre working width (up to 36 m for granulated urea)
§ increased hopper capacity: up from 3,000 to 3,200 litres
§ increased payload: up from 3,000 kg to 3,200 kg
Axis 50.2

§ 18 to 50 metre working width
§ two new hopper capacities: 3,200 and 4,200 litres (up from 3,000 and 4,000 litres)
§ increased payload: up from 4,000 kg to 4,200 kg
The new spreaders are equipped with wear resistant VXR+ coated spreading pallets as standard and use KUHN’s CDA (Coaxial Distribution Adjustment) system for accurate metering at high speeds.

The Axis .2 series also uses KUHN’s EMC (Electronic Mass Control) technology to meter fertiliser flow by measuring each spreading disc’s drive torque: fertiliser flow from each disc is constantly measured and automatically adjusted to maintain a precise application rate across the machine’s entire spreading width.

The EMC system is available in two versions: the PTO powered M-EMC mechanical system, and the hydraulically driven H-EMC version. The lower cost M-EMC version is available on the Axis 20.2 and 40.2. The H-EMC version is available on the Axis 40.2 and 50.2 models: the H-EMC system is unaffected by engine speed and can operate at lower engine speeds for improved fuel consumption.

All machines are equipped with KUHN’s Varispread (VS) variable working width technology as standard – this can be controlled manually or by automatic GPS adjustment. VS 4 equipped machines (with manual drop point adjustment) have two sections per side which are adjusted by progressive action metering outlets. VS 8 equipped machines (with electronic drop point adjustment) have four spreading sections per side. VS 8 machines are also fitted with new high speed cylinders which adjust the spreading width 2.5 times faster than on previous models.

The new spreaders are all ISOBUS compatible and can also be operated via KUHN’s own Quantron control system – the Quantron benefits from a large colour screen with all functions including outlet opening, metering modulation, application rate and drop-point adjustment, easy to control. KUHN’s 8.4” colour touch-screen ISOBUS CCI 200 terminal which is pre-programmed with spreading tables can also be used as an option. A suite of smartphone applications which provide accurate spreading tables is also in development.

Click below to see a short video of the new series of Axis .2 spreaders.