NEW model Kuhn i-BIO+ Baler Combo

KUHN Farm Machinery has introduced a new version of its round baler-wrapper combination machine, the i-BIO+, with a new and patented twin film-on-film wrapping system which offers reduced wrapping costs and easier plastic recycling.

The i-BIO+ features a 230cm wide pick-up unit with five tine bars and cam-track technology for improved contour following for cleaner, more efficient grass collection.

Two intake rotors are available – the OptiCut 14 or OptiCut 23 – both of which offer knife group selection: the OptiCut 14 is fitted with 14 knives to provide a minimum cutting length of 70mm. Group selection enables the knives to be used in five formations (0, 4, 7, 7 or 14) to produce the desired chop length. The OptiCut 23 offers a minimum cutting length of 45mm, with its 23 knives used in a 0, 7, 11, 12 or 23 arrangement. Each knife is individually spring-protected against damage from foreign objects. Standard rotor disengagement and drop floor technology ensure fast and easy clearance when a blockage may occur.

Bales are formed by 18 PowerTrack rollers with integrated stainless steel low-friction plates resulting in a significant reduction in power requirement. All internal working mechanisms are powered by high quality long-life drive chains which are complemented by a Beka Max continuous chain oiling system for maximum strength and reliability. The six rollers in the bottom of the chamber act as wrapping table during the bale wrapping process.

The i-BIO+ can be used with conventional net binding and can also be fitted with KUHN’s patented film-on-film bale binding and wrapping system which not only reduces wrapping costs, but also offers ease of usage and recycling benefits by eliminating the need for a separate netting.

KUHN’s unique film binding system uses two film reels to bind the cylindrical side of the bale and offers several advantages compared to other film binding systems, not least the ability to use standard sized rolls (25 µm, 1500 m, 750 mm) therefore eliminating the need to order separate binding and wrapping film. The KUHN system also boasts quicker and easier roll loading thanks to a user-friendly system which hydraulically folds the film reels into their loading/unloading position.

Switching between film and net binding is quick and simple as the two systems are separate, making it easy to switch from one system to the other for different crops.

Bale wrapping is taken care of by KUHN’s IntelliWrap system which gives complete control of the wrapping process, allowing the operator to select the number of film layers and to adjust film overlap. The i-BIO+’s high-speed wrapping ring allows film to be applied at up to 50 revolutions per minute and produces well-shaped, tightly sealed bales for improved crop preservation.

The i-BIO+ is ISOBUS compatible – with all functions managed via a single, full-colour display terminal – and boasts an extremely compact and lightweight design (less than 3,700kg) which makes it very manoeuvrable and well-suited for use on hilly terrain and within small field systems.

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