The next generation in Kuhn trailed mower conditioners has arrived.
Models include the FC3160TLD and FC3160TCD 
Available in 2.80m, 3.10m, 3.50m & 4.00m working width, with option of centre or side-pull drawbar.

Read on to learn more about the key benefits of the FC1060 and to see it in action….


OPTIDISC cutter bar: excellent mowing quality and forage evacuation

The OPTIDISC cutter bar 

Recut forage loses its essential nutrients, regrowth is delayed and machine power requirement is higher.

With OPTIDISC technology, grass is cut once only. To achieve this, the distance between the discs varies:

1. Diverging discs: reduced spacing for improved cover and an impeccable cut.

2. Converging discs: increased spacing for easier forage evacuation.




PROTECTADRIVE safety system: cutter bar protection

The PROTECTADRIVE safety system
protects the cutter bar’s gear train. In the event of an impact, repair costs and down-time are reduced.

The disc shaft can shear just above the bearing, thanks to a carefully dimensioned shear groove.
In less than 15 minutes, the machine is operational again.






FAST-FIT knife attachment: 100% safe

With FAST-FIT attachment, knife change only takes a few minutes.

It’s just as reliable as bolt attachment and also ensures :

• Constant pressure on the knife retainer thanks to a powerful leaf spring.
• An improved safety system by retaining screw with shoulder.
• No chance of opening during disc rotation.

To keep maintenance costs down, the retaining screw and leaf spring can be replaced separately.





Conditioners with fingers or rollers

Pivoting fingers in steel for difficult conditions

The conditioner with steel fingers provides uniform grass drying. It is ideal in heavy, long, or mature forage.

This conditioner has two rotation speeds (780 and 1000 min-1) which are easily adjustable by selector. It takes just a few seconds to adapt conditioning intensity to volume and type of forage


The KUHN advantage: POSIGUARD safety system; built-in rotor protection

The conditioner rotor’s drive shaft is protected by a shear bolt.

Should a foreign body pass through the machine, the conditioner and driveline are protected.





Wide delivery, windrow delivery or windrow grouping

Wide spreading: save on tedding
Wide delivery considerably reduces drying time and provides more flexibility to deal with changing weather conditions.
The combination of conditioning and wide spreading saves you one pass with the tedder.
One less operation means higher nutritional value quality in the forage.

Windrow delivery: choose the width you want
You can easily change the width of the windrow to suit your harvesting methods.
Windrow widths can be adjusted:
– from 0.90 m on the 3160 TC/TL,
– up to 2.70 m on the FC 3560.

Windrow grouping: speed up harvesting
With the swath board, you can reduce windrow width to a minimum and deliver it either on the right or left.
After two passages a “double windrow” is created, which enables you to harvest 6 m of forage with a 3 m harvester pick-up.

Preserved field potential
Every job carried out in the field has an impact. To avoid deterioration, it’s important to protect plant cover. With the new FC 1060 series, harvest the best forage without weakening the field.

The widest wheels on the market

The 400 mm ultra-wide wheels (except on the FC 2860 TL) only exert slight ground pressure.

The grass is preserved and ground compaction is avoided.








Precise ground following

The mower unit is suspended by torsion bars. It follows ground contours closely for an even cut, which reduces dirt contamination of forage.

The suspension can be adjusted on each side separately to protect the field and the machine.







Maintenance reduced to a minimum
The FC 1060 series machines are practical and user-friendly. Thanks to their design, they require little maintenance.

The « no oil change » cutter bar

The OPTIDISC cutter bar has been designed with a “no oil change” objective in mind.
You no longer need to think about changing the oil!




Less time spent in the shed = more time spent in the field

These new, low-maintenance mower conditioners allow you to save precious time.

<– Three lubrication points.

GYRODINE headstock with integrated lubrication circuit for long-lasting gearbox lubrication.